Additional Qualification Measures


An additional element of the programme is an interdisciplinary exchange. To increase scientific innovation, all doctoral researchers will take part in the national and international internship programme of the research training group at one of the collaborating sites. At least once during their doctorate. For the internship, a semester break of three months every year is allocated.


Laboratory workshops: Laboratory workshops are two-day workshops which are methodologically oriented. Theoretical lectures build the basis for practical trainings and the development of interdisciplinary applications for each doctoral researcher’s projects.

Spring school (year 1): The week-long school is split between guest speakers (selected co-operation partners and PIs), poster sessions where doctoral researchers present their own project ideas for the first time, social events, and overview presentations on ACE and other research training group related topics.

Retreat (year 2): The two-day event will take place in an external seminar house with all doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, all PIs, and the managing board. The progress of research training group in general and projects will be reported.

Masterclass (year 3): The masterclass is a two days lasting progress report with international experts to support the integration of the doctoral researchers in national and international research networks, knowledge transfer, and individual career opportunities.

A final symposium will also support the national and international visibility of the scientific results achieved. The symposium will be planned and by the doctoral researchers to improve their networking skills as well as their experience in project management.

Since it is known that only a small percentage of graduates will stay in academia, special seminars on alternative career paths, which have already been established at the CIMH, will be offered (e.g., “What to do with my PhD?”, “What can I do with my research experience?”, “Networking – How to use it for my professional success? – FOR WOMEN only”).